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is a Los Angeles-based musician working in music, theater, television and film. As a performer, he has played on numerous television, film and commercial sound tracks, and toured nationally with groups including Rufus Wainwright and Kaliband. His award-winning theatrical work includes collaborations with O-Lan Jones (THE WOMAN WHO FORGOT HER SWEATER and CELEBRATION OF THE LIZARD), Ken Roht, and A.S.K. Short films he has scored have won awards at the Slamdance Film Festival. Evidence Room credits: THE FALSE SERVANT (composer/arranger), PASSION PLAY (composer/sound designer), ANNAPURNA MARGO VEIL (music director), ATTEMPTS ON HER LIFE (original music), FLOW MY TEARS THE POLICEMAN SAID (original song [2005]), ROUTE 99: ORANGE STAR DINNER SHOW! (composer/arranger), PEACE SQUAD GOES 99: THE GREATEST 99 CENTS ONLY STORY EVER TOLD, EVER! (composer/arranger), HE POUNCES (Arrangements and Musical Direction), SPLENDOR: A 99 CENTS ONLY WONDERAMA (composer/arranger), THE IMPERIALISTS AT THE CLUB CAVE CANEM (composer/arranger), THE 99 CENTS ONLY DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA (composer/arranger), THE IMPERIALISTS AT THE CLUB CAVE CANEM (composer/arranger).

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