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is a proud member of the evidEnce room company. Her recent credits include Eric Idle’s WHAT ABOUT DICK, THE PEE‐WEE HERMAN SHOW, DISNEY’S TOY STORY: THE MUSICAL, AN EVENING WITHOUT MONTY PYTHON, MARGO VEIL, FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL OF TRAGEDY, PINOCCHIO, GIRLS TALK, HAVING IT ALL, THE RECEPTIONIST, HOW TO DISAPPEAR WITHOUT REALLY TRYING, THE RED QUEEN and JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, as well as THE PROJECTIONIST at the Center Theatre Group/Kirk Douglas Theatre. She received a 2009 Ovation Award for A 99‐CENTS ONLY STORE CALENDAR GIRL COMPETITION, and L.A. Weekly and Garland Awards for her work on LAND OF THE TIGERS, BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL, WHEN TIGERS SMOKED LONG PIPES and ECHO’S HAMMER, among many others. Ann recently won the Center Theatre Group’s 2010 Richard E. Sherwood Award for emerging Artists. She currently styles the World Poker Tour and is an Art Director for television. In addition, Ann teaches costume design for inner city arts programs and gives design workshops for elementary to university, city festivals and for the MOCA and Getty museums. ER designs include: ROUTE 99, KILLERS, THE BLACKS, FLOW MY TEARS (twice), PEACE SQUAD GOES 99, HOMEWRECKER, HARD TIMES, SPLENDOR, MESSALINA, MAYHEM, THE 99¢ ONLY DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA, CRINGE, HOLLYWOOD BURNING, DON CARLOS, SAVED, NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH, ANDROMACHE. ER performances include SPLENDOR, DELIRIUM PALACE.

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